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The New Standard
in Sales Tax

The most comprehensive refunds available

Let us save you money

Saveware is the future of sales tax refunds. We combine our cutting edge software with the traditional sales tax refund processes to ensure our clients receive every cent they deserve. Our innovative technology allows us to automate the slow and inefficient process of producing sales tax refunds, and handle these on a scale like no other.

Refund Modernization

We are able to provide 100% automated sales tax refunds. Our software is able to craft the most efficient refunds on the market

Versatility in Application

The extensive knowledge base that Saveware is powered by allows the program to accurately determine the taxability of thousands of transactions across all 50 states

Knowledge Base

Saveware operates with the knowledge of tax codes in every state. Our internal database has been handcrafted to help identify overpayments in sales tax

Client Experience

As a Saveware client, you can expect to receive unparalleled sales tax refunds along with genuine customer service

The Problem

Sales and use tax laws in are constantly overlooked. Vendors, companies who issue invoices your business are likely assessing you improper sales tax. These invoices are paid and forgotten about. The vendors are held responsible by the government for charging the tax, and when they get audited, they do not want to be caught in a situation where they aren’t charging tax. Therefore, they often err on the side of caution and charge sales tax. In turn, the companies paying these invoices unknowingly pay the additional sales tax and are none the wiser. With larger corporations, 6% (PA state sales tax) on invoices turns into millions of dollars a year. Our team has first-hand experience producing refunds for companies such as Wawa, Rite-Aid, Sheetz, and FootLocker. Given this experience, we know how much money companies are leaving on the table. There are countless companies that are leaving this money in the government's hands each year. Saveware is here to stop this, and help businesses get their money back.

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