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Our Mission

Saveware strives to help companies leverage Ai to navigate their taxes more efficiently. This is to ensure our clients save more money, resources, and time.

Our Story

Saveware began as a result of our co-founder, Brady Davidson, working for a tax firm specializing in sales tax refunds. Here, he immediately saw the need for innovation within the industry. Spending hours at his desk, sorting through thousands of paper invoices a day, he knew there had to be a more efficient way to identify overpayments in sales tax on invoices. 

Brady went on to find one of the most accomplished students in the software development community at Penn State in Ryan Jai Hokimi. The pair started developing the product shortly thereafter. Ryan now leads the technical side of the development of the software, while also acting as a co-founder alongside Brady.

Saveware's team of experienced professionals are very qualified to handle your needs. 

Our co-founder, Brady Davidson, has real experience dealing with the sales tax refunds for Fortune 500 companies. This allows him to be able to navigate the intricacies of sales tax for clients.

Our other co-founder, Ryan Jai Hokimi, has extensive experience building AI products along with program development. His experience in these areas make him a perfect fit as the lead software developer.


Experienced Leadership

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