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Dive Into the New Age of sales tax refunds

Our Services

Bended Tubes

How It Works

Streamlined Efficiency

Tailored OCR Model

Unparallelled Databases

Cutting Edge Exemption Determination Agent

Fast Refunds

100% Invoice Review

Quality Assurance

Refund Modernization

We are able to provide 100% automated sales tax refunds. Our Software is able to craft the most efficient refunds on the market

Knowledge Base

Saveware operates with the knowledge of tax codes in every state. Our internal database has been handcrafted to help identify overpayments in sales tax

Versatility in Application

The extensive knowledge base that Saveware is powered by allows the program to accurately determine the taxability of thousands of transactions across all 50 states

Client Experience

As a Saveware client, you can expect to receive unparalleled sales tax refunds along with genuine customer service

We integrate with you

Saveware has the ability to process invoices in a variety of ways. We will tailor our services directly to you and your needs and will work with you to ensure this process goes smoothly. With our technical background, we can handle invoices in almost any format or host location.

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